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Mesh Christmas Wreath

My first one, so please no judging!
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mesh rollFor every holiday….MESH is my “must have”!!

You can do anything with it, and even mesh up (get it? mesh? haha yeah, I’m a dork) and it will still look pretty!

I think using these ties or plain pipe is the best way to go.
Line them up evenly around your wreath circle.
Bunch it up and start tying it down to the wire wreath

IMG_0259 IMG_0261 IMG_0260
Next pick a GOOD, and LARGE ribbon to add to the wreath using the same ties.
IMG_0263 IMG_0262


 Almost done, and what an attitude on this crafter! lol

IMG_0267 Ribbon is complete.  I don’t like symmetrical crafting, so I just placed
the ribbon all over and tied it down.

For the grand finale I added a big mesh bow
with a smaller bow from the ribbon on the top.

Of course, then I had to continue and torture myself by
adding oversized embellishments here and there.  That
was the fun part!

IMG_0277 IMG_0276 IMG_0274 IMG_0273 IMG_0272 IMG_0271 IMG_0270 IMG_0269 IMG_0268

IMG_0278 IMG_0280 IMG_0281 IMG_0282 IMG_0283
TaDa!  Now all you need is mesh and lots of holographic glitter
to get you thru the holidays.  Be sure and sprinkle left over glitter all over
that in-law who drives you batty!  ;)

-Murtle Your Two Busy Blondes crafter.

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